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Testimonials - Continued

I was invited to join in on the run March 4 2017 and all I have to say is wow. The love and support for this foundation is awesome. You guys are doing a great job and touching so many people in a time of need. Keep up the great work and I'll see you next year for the run.
Marcus Hotelling
I was a part of my first Ride for the Stone this past Saturday and just want to say how awesome this organization is. A great group of people striving to help others in their most dyer time of need. Thank you for all that you do, this will be an annual event for me as long as you continue to put it on. Thank you again.
Jake Anderson
I have two sisters that past away with in two weeks of each other in 1959 and their Graves were not marked for years. First hand I know how the foundation can be a blessing to a family with its focus of mission. It was an honor to be a part of the Ride for the Stone 2017!
Beaver Daughtrey
We went on our first ride for the great cause. I have not lost a child but my heart goes out to all those who have. We will be riding next year as well every year we can. Thanks for all this wonderful foundation does.

Did my second Ride for this AWESOME organization. I didn't realize the need for gravestones were so great . All of Bradley's family and friends have stepped up to make this foundation what it has become in the last 8 years through blood , sweat and tears . It's always a tragedy to lose a loved one especially a child . Just knowing there is an organization like this one to help you through the sadness and financial burdens , well it's a Godsend!

Bubba and Peggy keep fighting the good fight .

Love what y'all do .

Your friend Jason Revelle.

My our God have his hand in all you do In Jesus name Amen.

Went on the Ride for the Stone on 3/4/17. Amazing event, well done, and for a great cause. I was honored to be part of this event.
Christi Vest
The Bradley Summersill Foundation is an Awesome organization! So far I have been to three of their fundraising events and have witnessed first hand the passion that each one of these volunteers have in their hearts for this mission. The desire to help families in need at a crucial time, is immense. And i just want to Thank each of them for their hard work and dedication to this foundation!!!
Kris Ebert
I have attend these functions and now am a Volunteer, never worked with such a group with a agenda that means so much esp to families that have lost children. What a pleasure it is to help them in anyway and they have assisted so many families not just once I do not know but ones I do know also. What a wonderful blessing this foundation is. To all I will challenge to come to an event and met this family. They and all they do is AWESOME. Thanks for allowing me to be apart of it all. Rebecca Berdahl

What happened to Peggy and Brian Summersill on New Year Day morning, 2010, would have destroyed most people. They lost their teen-aged son, Bradley, in an early-morning crash which was caused by an impaired driver on probation for previously driving drunk. Over the next few months, the Summersills had every reason to be angry at the world. Not only had they lost their son, but they suffered other heartless indignities in pursuit of justice for their boy. A judge suggested they were vengeful because they sought the maximum sentence for the repeat drunken driver. The drunken driver's family hired a big-name Orlando lawyer and threatened to sue the Summersills, wrongly insisting that the Summersill's son actually caused the fatal wreck. But the Summersills, a down-to-earth, working-class family, did not let their grief, disgust or anger consume them. Instead they created a foundation to help other poor families who have lost a child. The foundation, named for their son, helps provide cemetery markers so a child will not be forgotten and will not lay under an unmarked plot. I remember that the judge chastised Brian Summersill, pointing out that the maximum sentence wouldn't bring Bradley back. "No, ma'am, it won't," Brian replied. "But it might save another life..." The Summersills gave me a similar answer when I asked why they were compelled to create this most-unusual charity. "It will help another family heal," Peggy Summersill said.

God bless them and anyone who helps them.

Stephen Hudak

Hello Everyone,

My name is Virgen Febo. My family and I just went through a very difficult tragedy. We are so grateful with Ms. Peggy and the Bradley Summersill foundation for all of their help and support. We really needed help with a headstones since we were not ready for the expense as everything was too sudden. Ms. Peggy was very understanding and immensely helpful. Thank you so much Bradley Summersill foundation for providing our family with a headstone for our deceased.

The Bradley Summersill Foundation has touched the lives of many people. I have personally witness the headstones that they have placed for children who were taken away from their families way too early. I have actively attended prior events and shared the emotions with family members involved. I am fortunate that I am a lucky parent that has not gone though a lost of a child. I applaud this Foundation for all they do and will continue to support them in any way to help families who need assistance in their time of need.



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