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What happened to Peggy and Brian Summersill on New Year Day morning, 2010, would have destroyed most people. They lost their teen-aged son, Bradley, in an early-morning crash which was caused by an impaired driver on probation for previously driving drunk. Over the next few months, the Summersills had every reason to be angry at the world. Not only had they lost their son, but they suffered other heartless indignities in pursuit of justice for their boy. A judge suggested they were vengeful because they sought the maximum sentence for the repeat drunken driver. The drunken driver’s family hired a big-name Orlando lawyer and threatened to sue the Summersills, wrongly insisting that the Summersill’s son actually caused the fatal wreck. But the Summersills, a down-to-earth, working-class family, did not let their grief, disgust or anger consume them. Instead they created a foundation to help other poor families who have lost a child. The foundation, named for their son, helps provide cemetery markers so a child will not be forgotten and will not lay under an unmarked plot. I remember that the judge chastised Brian Summersill, pointing out that the maximum sentence wouldn’t bring Bradley back. “No, ma’am, it won’t,” Brian replied. “But it might save another life…” The Summersills gave me a similar answer when I asked why they were compelled to create this most-unusual charity. “It will help another family heal,” Peggy Summersill said.

God bless them and anyone who helps them.

Stephen Hudak
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